This question might arise in the mind who are new to online surveys. If you are reading this, you might have seen some advertisements on how to make a side income online by just filling out surveys. Nobody merely is interested in investing time into something that doesn’t pay off. Do companies pay just for filling out the surveys? And if yes, then how much?

The answers to all the above questions are simple. Yes, paid surveys online actually exist, and you earn free rewards points for sharing your opinion. How much? It depends on several factors that are shared below.

What are paid online surveys?

Companies require opinion about their new products. Surveys help those market research firms to get to know about what people want and need. They also like to know how many people are ready to invest in their products and services and how much they are ready to spend their time.

Online surveys are one of the ways to gather this information. But people are busy. They are not ready to spend their time filling those surveys without any incentives. That’s why many companies give rewards to their participant’s cash, gift cards, and other rewards for their opinions.

How Much Money Can You Make From Surveys?

There are certain factors on how much you get paid for each survey, one of which is the company itself. Some companies pay more than other companies. The solution is before you sign up on any website do some research about the company and go forward with the process if the company offers genuine surveys for money.

Generally, you can earn between Rs. 140-150 for each survey you complete. Sometimes you can also get paid for referring someone. You won’t be able to earn a lot, but surveys can help to add a little to your income.

To maximize earnings you have to fill as many questionnaires as possible. It is a slow process but surely is one of the best to earn a side income.

Beware of those companies who offer you more money through surveys. Paid surveys online are a slow and steady process, but are one of the genuine ways to add a little to your income.

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