Designing a survey questionnaire is a little difficult task because gathering all important information from the respondents from a small survey is a challenging task for a research marketer. Most of the surveys are not even complete without asking few questions about the respondent’s age, gender, location, etc. It is next to impossible to see surveys without such questions and these questions are called demographic questions and they are very important when it comes to customer surveys.

Demographic questions help the marketer to know who their target audience is and what are their actual needs and wants. There are some common general demographic survey questions that come up in every surveys ( like What is your age?, Where are you located? etc.). Let’s see how demographic survey questions help businesses to gather information about their customer’s needs and wants and the importance of demographic questions in online surveys.

Demographic survey questions give enough information to:

Make audience and buyer personas- 

Businesses will start seeing what are the needs and want of their customers and personas help to test ideas and to focus on when to target their customers with messaging.

Analyze results to find trends-

By separating collected data into different groups by categories of demographic survey questions, you are able to see patterns. You can test these patterns whether they show trends,  which is very crucial to make informed decision making.

Confirm that your target audience is the right audience-

If you’re planning to launch any product or service and not sure where should you focus on it? Demographic survey questions will help you to find desired results by providing a target audience profile. This will help to get better results as per the business requirement.

Determine the validity of survey responses-

Surveys should aim to have a diverse, cross-section of respondents so that the results will give good overall results. Now you can refine and test out hypotheses with certain groups. Demographic survey data give concrete data so you can make sure your survey is fair.

The goal of any survey is to gather information on customer needs and wants. Now you understand the importance of demographic survey questions. If you want to create a demographic survey and stuck somewhere then connect with us to get professional Survey Selection & Participation services.

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