Online review websites combined with customer satisfaction surveys can help you to know about how you’re serving your customer. Many companies may make mistakes by assuming that they are quite interchangeable but the fact is that customer satisfaction surveys and online reviews are different from each other.

Online website reviews can make or break a business. Now businesses are focusing on managing online reputation because your services affect your revenue. But where customer satisfaction surveys are required?

If people somehow leave online reviews, then companies directly encourage the customers to give their feedback about their products and services. There are few reasons why you should not solely rely on review websites as a feedback method-

  • It is not easy to collect all feedbacks and use that data for making further improvements.
  • Companies do not have control over what reviewer will talk about
  • Direct feedback is easy and the company can quickly act upon it.

Importance of customer satisfaction surveys 

  • As the feedback is given directly so there are faster chances of complaints getting resolved.
  • Find out which product or service is doing well.
  • Helps to know more about your customers’ needs and gives you the opportunities to expand your business.

The difference between online reviews and customer surveys

Online reviews are comments which customers leave about the company’s products and services. Online reviews are public information that is available to anyone. Online reviews help to build online reputation and loyalty with potential customers.

Online surveys are sets of questions that are asked from customers about their products and services. They are not shared publicly like online reviews and the company controls this information and uses this information effectively. Online reviews are free to form, while surveys are a specific set of questions about the products and services.

Therefore it is easy to receive quantitative as well as qualitative information from surveys. You can collect leads from surveys by asking for personal contact information.

Reviews and surveys help business owners to know about their customer’s needs and wants. Online surveys help customers to share opinions about their experiences. If your business wants these types of customer feedback then you can get in touch with our team of experts!

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